Tracks for Beginners

The tracks are in mp3 format which means you should be able to play them directly on a PC or a MAC or on a range of mobile devices including iPads, iPods, Smart Phones and so on. Each track begins with a narrator giving simple instructions, guiding the children into meditation. The instructions of the tracks on this page are longer than on the other pages; the expectation is that children will not need such detailed instructions when they have become used to the practice. As their teacher, you will know when it is appropriate to reduce the introductory remarks.

On each track, the introduction is followed by a short excerpt from the song 'Into the Quiet God Calls You', by Fr. Liam Lawton . On these tracks the introduction takes just under three minutes and the musical excerpt about 40 seconds. This is immediately followed by three rings of a gong, announcing the start of the meditation. The appropriate period of silence then follows and each track ends with a further three rings of the gong, announcing the end of the period of meditation.

The final track, called Fast Finish, plays the gongs immediately. It can be used by the teacher to bring meditation to an early close if circumstances demand it e.g. if the class seems to be finding it difficult on a particular occasion to manage the normal period of silence or if some commotion outside the classroom disrupts the silence and distracts the children inordinately. 


While it is recommended that children begin with a minute or two, over time they should work up to one minute per year of age, so eight-year old children will meditate for eight minutes and so on.