Draft Meditation Module for Second-Level

Noel Keating has devised a draft module for introducing meditation to teenagers and young adults. It is hoped over the school year 2017-18 that a number of teachers at second level will test the module by using it as the basis for teaching meditation to diverse groups of young people in schools and other settings. This module can be adapted for any group from 12 to 25 (and upwards)!

      The aims, desired outcomes, teaching and learning strategies and assessment methods are identified and the module details the elements that might comprise each lesson and gives access to a range of audio files and videos on different aspects of meditation. It is intended in time to develop the module into a course-book, developing each of the key elements in each lesson. The draft module may be downloaded by clicking on the image. 


Teaching and Learning Strategies

Learning Outcomes


Click here to see some videos for introducing young people to meditation.