Videos for Young People

THis page has been created to hold some videos designed to introduce meditation to young people. It is currently in draft, experimental form. The intention is that young people interested in learning about Christian meditation would follow the sequence of videos, choosing one short episode on each visit and following each view with a short period of meditation. The intention is that the length of the meditation will increase over time - that is why the timers are shown separately to the video. After viewing a video, one them chooses a suitable period for the meditation given one's age and experience at meditation. Or, of course, one can use one's own timer - there are many suitable apps available on the web including the WCCM Meditation App.

        Very New Yet Very Old                                Seeing Clearly                             Your True-Self         

  Episode 1: Very Old Yet Very New                          Episode 2: Seeing Clearly                            Episode 3: Your True-Self     


               Very New Yet Very Old (Noel Keating)                                              Seeing Clearly