Meditation Tracks - Sound Files

The following tracks have been designed as a resource for teachers and parents. They make the process of introducing and developing the practice very simple. The intention is that the teacher (or parent) will have already introduced the children to the practice using Lesson Plan 1. The appropriate track can be incorporated as part of that intorduction; so, for example, the introductory lesson can incorporate a two or three-minute meditation as the teacher or parent deems appropriate. While children can meditate for up to one minute per year of age, it is prudent to begin with a shorter period and slowly increase the time as the child or children get used to meditating. One can move from the one- or two-minute track in the first lesson to five or six minutes after a few weeks of practice. 


The tracks are in mp3 format which means you should be able to play them directly on a PC or a MAC or on a range of mobile devices including iPads, iPods, Smart Phones and so on. Each track begins with a narrator giving simple instructions, guiding the children into meditation. The instructions of the tracks for beginners are longer than on the remainder; the expectation is that children will not need such detailed instructions when they have become used to the regular practice of meditation.