What is Christian Meditation?

Meditation is a way of pure prayer marked by silence, stillness and simplicity. It helps people of all ages, cultures and beliefs to find a simple, practical and meaningful way to awaken and deepen their spiritual life leading them to inner peace. Many Christians have recovered contact with their own tradition of meditation, or contemplative prayer, because of the work of the Benedictine monk John Main (1926-1982). He was the founder of the World Community for Christian Meditation of which Ireland is a part. His teaching of this ancient tradition of prayer is rooted in the Gospels, in the early Christian monastic tradition of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, and in Celtic Christian settlements such as Skellig Michael in Kerry.

Meditation is a Universal Tradition found in all the great religions. As such, it offers an important common ground for inter-religious dialogue and a basis for peace in the world. Meditation is open to all, whether we belong to a particular church or not.

Meditation GroupHow to Meditate

Maranatha is an Aramaic word (which is the language that Jesus spoke) and it means "Come, Lord." It is found in the Scriptures and is one of the earliest prayers in the Christian tradition.

Do not think about the meaning of the word. Just give your attention to the sound of it throughout the time of your meditation. When we begin to meditate distractions will come. Don’t be discouraged by how much your mind will wander. This is normal and when this happens just quietly return to saying the mantra until the end of the period of meditation. Meditate for 20 to 30 minutes each morning and each evening, every day of your life. Father John always said: "Just say your word".

You will find it  helpful to sustain your practice if you meditate with a group once a week. You can access a list of meditation groups across Ireland by clicking here.

"To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition, in the spirit of serving the unity of all."
(Mission Statement)

The World Community for Christian Meditation was formed in 1991, continuing the 30 year long work of John Main. The community is now directed by Laurence Freeman, a student of John Main and a Benedictine monk of the Olivetan Congregration. The WCCM Meditatio Centre is based in London and the WCCM International Spiritual Centre is based at the Abbey of Bonnevaux, France. There are also Christian Meditation Centres in many parts of the world and you are welcome to contact or visit.

Further information is available from the website: www.wccm.org